What is Scale Up?

Truly great companies of any size don’t just want to survive, but to thrive.

ScaleUp TT is a collaboration between the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), the Unit Trust Corporation and the Entrepreneurship Policy Advisors (EPA), to develop and grow businesses in Trinidad and Tobago.

This programme uses a simple and effective methodology that has been successfully replicated across cities and countries worldwide.

A young office employee delivering a presentation during a meeting at the office.

Trinidad and Tobago already possesses a catchment of SMEs ready to undergo expansion of operations to achieve new levels of growth. Moreover, these potential high-growth firms can generate increased levels of employment and boost exports. The MTI is confident that this business accelerator programme Scale UP Trinidad and Tobago can provide the robust entrepreneurial and support system required to enhance the business output of local firms.


The Government, has always attached great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship as a critical ingredient for the growth and development of the economy. Partnering with the UTC solidifies this new future, as the UTC also believes in developing innovative ideas that foster entrepreneurship, innovation and new opportunities that seek to engender economic prosperity and financial independence for all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. This Partnership nurtures a growth-minded culture and creates an environment aimed at growing businesses with scale-focused training.


Strengthening the entrepreneurial infrastructure so that more of our local companies can achieve faster sustainable growth.

Investing in your potential

Do you want more for your business? We do too!

Do you want to grow and commit to investing the effort to do so rapidly? We believe you do!

Are you willing to put in the time?

Who Can Participate

Additional Criteria

  • Must be a locally incorporated company;
    employ more than 10 persons;
  • Sales revenue between TT$2 million and TT$30 million per annum;
  • Possess an entrepreneurial mindset and a strong ambition to overcome all obstacles to growth

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