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We paved the way for a robust mutual fund sector. Now, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), in partnership with the Unit Trust Corporation, is set to ignite a wave of entrepreneurial activity. With Scale Up Trinidad and Tobago, the MTI and UTC will strengthen and support the existing entrepreneurial infrastructure to promote growth across a broad base of local firms.

By partnering with US-based Entrepreneurship Policy Advisors (EPA), we will provide the platform for growth to entrepreneurs who have a track record of revenues in their business. EPA has over a decade of experience in fostering entrepreneurship-driven growth in countries including Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Panama, the US, and Canada.

We believe in our country’s entrepreneurial spirit and know that our SMEs have the potential to transform our future.

The 3Cs of Growth

We will focus on three key aspects to successfully and sustainably scale your business.

Let us help you build a foundation for growth.

  1. Customer – Generating new sales revenues
  2. Capacity – Building a people platform for growth
  3. Cash – Creating and acquiring new financial resources

Our Expert Team

Over 100 cumulative years of experience in growing companies around the world through teaching, mentoring, leading, and investing in growth.

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Ministry of Trade and Industry

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